Our family farm began in 1994 when we decided to raise a couple of hogs for our daughters first birthday.  In Hawaii, it is our custom to have a “Luau” (big party) for baby’s first birthday.  Also part of this tradition is to provide “Kalua Pig” (underground roasted whole hog salted and shredded) to our luau guests.  It seemed logical to us that since we already had 20 acres of agricultural land surrounding our home, we could easily raise our own natural, drug free, domestic pigs.  In other words, we could control the quality of our pork.

Our Luau was not only a success, but our guests convinced us that we had the most “ono” (delicious) Kalua Pig they had ever eaten!  Through the years, and through much trial and error, books, internet, porcine experts and a true passion for pigs, we eventually increased our herd to over 250 hogs!

Over the years we have expanded our farm further by introducing a wonderful line of high quality meat sheep which we raise on the sweet grass of Ahualoa.

Today we take immense pride in knowing that we did it all ourselves and that most importantly we are providing all-natural pork and lamb, humane treatment of our animals and a quality healthy lean mean for our customers.  We have recently reduced our herd down to just a few very select high quality lines of heritage hog breeds and meat sheep, and currently sell them by special order or through this website.

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