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The 4-H Livestock program is a youth based organization that both showcases the quality of our animals and gives us an opportunity to teach the youth of Hawaii about livestock and responsibility.

Hawaii County 4-H Livestock

Hawaii State 4-H Livestock

This report is a very informative report about protecting the Swine Industry in Hawaii.

Swine Task Force Report, “Pork”


We are members of both the NPPC (National Pork Producers Council) and the HSGA (Hawaii Sheep and Goat Association), groups that support the Pork and Sheep industry.  We are also members of the HPIA (Hawaii Pork Industry Association) and the National Hereford Hog Association.

National Pork Producers Council

Hawaii Sheep and Goat Association


National Hereford Hog Association


The National Pork Board link is one of our favorite places to go to get up-to-date information, pamphlets, videos, posters, etc about the pork industry in the U.S.

National Pork Board