These are a few of our favorite “local” pork recipes.

Bacon-Wrapped Lamb Loin Chops


4 Lamb Loin Chops (best with boneless chops)
4 slices bacon

Season four 1-1/4″ thick lamb loin chops with salt and pepper.  Wrap one slice of bacon around each chop and brown in frying ban with olive oil, seam side down.  Brown over medium-high heat,  5-6 minutes each side.  Turn off heat, cover the pan and let rest for 5 minutes. Served garnished with your favorite steamed or sauteed fresh veggies and rice.


Broiled Lamb Shoulder Chops with Poha (Cape Gooseberry) Preserves

A word about cooking lamb with Poha Preserves . . . Poha preserves go well with ALL cuts of lamb.  Even a leg of lamb can be roasted, smothered and basted in Poha Preserves alone and taste absolutely wonderful.  This is the simplest most delicious way to cook lamb.


4 Lamb Shoulder Chops (note: shoulder cuts are not generally very tender)

Liberally season both sides of 4 one-inch lamb shoulder chops with salt and pepper and place them on a liberally oiled foil-lined rimmed baking sheet.  Apply 2-3 tablespoons of poha preserves onto each chop.    Broil chops about 6 minutes on each side.  Move to broil rack 2 inches from top and continue to broil until browned.  Serve with a green salad and potatoes.


Ma’s Sweet Sour Pig’s Feet

6-8 pieces of pigs feet
1 C sugar
2 ½ C Vinegar
1 1” piece of ginger (smashed)
¼ C soy sauce (plus additional to rub)
2 T cooking oil (plus additional to brown feet)
1 T salt

Place feet  in boiling water and cook for 3-4 minutes.  Rinse and drain.  Sprinkle salt over pigs feet and rub with soy sauce.  Brown in generous amounts of oil.  Put vinegar, sugar and ginger in a pot and bring it to boil.  Add browned feet, soy sauce, oil and enough water  to barely cover.  Cook gently for 2 hours or until tender.  Serve with rice.

(Recipe passed down from my mother, the late Marian Jean Andrade)

Grilled Teri Pork

5 pounds pork steaks or chops
4 C sugar
4 C. Soy Sauce
2 large onions (sliced)

Mix all ingredients together and place in a Ziploc bag.  Marinate for at least one hour or overnight.  Grill or broil in oven until well done.  Slice and serve.  Can be a great appetizer!